Sameer makes some lame jokes, and the two end up sitting in an awkward silence for a few moments. Finally he decides to cut to the chase, and asks her if she knows why she is there. She quietly replies that her parents told her before she came what the purpose was. He says that when he first heard about it, he was against it. When she hears this she interrupts him and says that she is relieved to hear him say that, and is so happy that she doesn't have to go through with the arrangement. Sameer looks disappointed now, and asks her if she's seeing someone. It turns out she is, but they are able to have a genuine laugh before going back to the awkward silence they were enjoying before.

Later, Sameer goes over to Akash's and tells the guys what happened. However in those few awkward moments they had together, Sameer managed to fall in love with Pooja and is distraught to know that she's with someone else now. Akash tells him that he has no doubt he's in love with Pooja, but is also certain that in three months he'll be head over heels for someone else.

Sameer launches into an "I never knew what I was doing before, but this time it's different!" speeches, but the guys are a tough sell.

Sometime afterwards, Sid knocks on Tara's door. He's remembered it is her birthday, and gives her some flowers. She's all charged up because she spoke to her daughter who also remembered it was her birthday. She's planned a sneaky visit against her father's wishes to come and see her mom. Tara has excitedly picked up some gifts for her daughter, and made lots of fancy preparations for her visit. She asks Sid if he would like to meet her daughter, and that it would make her very happy if he did. He gives her a big cheesy grin as the phone rings.

The moment Tara picks up the phone there is a non-stop barrage of "How dare you's" and "How could you's" pouring through. It seems that her ex-husband is onto her daughter's little scheme to sneak away and has put a stop to it. He threatens to take her back to court and tells her never to contact them again.

Distraught, Tara grabs a glass of something flammable and stalks around the room in fury. She downs the glass in a single gulp, then proceeds to throw everything off the table. She wears herself out, and collapses on a chair and sobs.

Sid decides this is no way to spend a birthday, so he takes Tara out to a restaurant where Akash and Sameer serenade her with Sid to cheer her up. They cut the cake and she thanks them for coming out for her.

Akash takes her over to a clear spot on the floor and starts dancing with her. She seems a little reluctant at first, but she gets into it and starts having fun after a few turns around the floor. Sid sits at the table and casts a loving look at her as she happily spins around the place.

As the guys are driving home, they pull up to Sid's house. Instead of getting out of the car, Sid sits in the shotgun seat looking mopey. When they guys ask if he's getting out of the car, he replies that he's fallen in love with Tara. There is a lot of initial disbelief as the guys think he's kidding. When he assures them he's not, they get serious. They launch into a rather hostile list of reasons why it's is a bad idea for Sid to go down this path.

  1. She's "10 to 15" years older than Sid
  2. She's got a daughter
  3. She's divorced
  4. She's got a drinking problem

Admittedly, I'd say the cards were stacked against him but hey, why not give it a shot? Sid's argument is basically just that - despite all those things, he still loves her, and is angry that they don't understand. He tells them that he doesn't expect her to marry him or even love him in return.

Akash interrupts him at this point, claiming that he "gets it." He explains to Sameer that Sid is only interested in Tara in a physical sense. He says that in fact this is a good setup, since she's "experienced, lives alone, you see her every day." He tells Sameer that he could learn a thing or two from Sid here.

At this point Sid hauls off and swats Akash in the face. He's disgusted that Akash would take a sincere declaration of his feelings for Tara and twist it in such a manner. He tells Akash that at some point in everyone's life they experience true love, and when that happens all the other reasons that say you shouldn't go for it seem trivial. He predicts that Akash might not understand this now, but he will at some point and realize that Sid is right.

Akash asks if Sid is finished, the stalks over to the car and gets in. He calls to Sameer to see if he's coming with him. Sameer looks at Sid, who turns and goes into his house. Sameer hops in the car, and we get our Intermission screen (although in this one it's our "Interval" screen)!

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