We are shown Kristine and an unknown accomplice looting the room. They take Sameer's video camera, and all the money in his little bank. She gives him a peck on the cheek, then runs out of the room.

By this time Sid and Akash are laughing their asses off. Sameer doesn't see the humor in it, and explains that he's pissed off since he had to hitch a ride home in a truck - a trip that took 12 hours to get back.

Having established that everyone is back in town and more or less in one piece, we change gears. Sid goes over to Tara's place, and puts an envelope on her door. We jump from this to an art gallery where there is a big exhibition going on. Sid's mother is looking over some of the sculptures with a curious expression when Sid comes over with Mr. Shankaran, an editor for a Art India magazine. He explains that a friend of his hosts a painting workshop every year, and he would like Sid to attend. His mother excitedly agrees to the trip.

Sid gets a tap on the shoulder from Tara, and is shocked to see that she came. There's another awkward moment with his mother and Tara meet again, and pleasantries are exchanged.

Time to catch up with Akash and Sameer. Sameer is staring at the floor and looking dejected. Akash tries to get him to notice several attractive young ladies that are moseying about the gallery, but he doesn't seem too interested. Despite his best efforts, Sameer is just too depressed to play along.

Tara and Sid are looking at his corner of the gallery. She tells him that they're all great, but she can't quite pick out which one is the best. He tells her again that he hasn't painted his best one yet. When she asks why not, he tells her that it's because she never has the time to pose for him. The way he delivers this line is completely smooth, and it works. She tells him she'll do it, and he says tomorrow is the day.

No time like the present, says our movie. We jump to the first painting session. Sid looks nervous as he waits for Tara to come out of her dressing area. She emerges in a very pretty white sari, and takes a seat while Sid stands there trying to catch his breath.

As he begins, we hear the next song starting up on the soundtrack. This is "Kaisi Hai Yeh Rut." This is a nice quiet ballad about falling in love. This sequence is rendered with a couple different types of CG work, and it looks nice. A large part of it is done to look like a painting, similar to the paint sequence in "What Dreams May Come."

Well it should be clear now that our pal Sid has a pretty serious crush going for Tara. He completes his painting and has her come to see it. She's quite taken with how it came out, and tells him that she loves it.

Over at Sameer's house, he sees that they have company. Friends of the family are over, and they're all looking rather dressed up. Sameer's folks ask him if he's going somewhere, and look a little stressed when he says that he was heading over to Akash's place. His mom takes him into his bedroom for a quick chat.

She explains that Pooja, the daughter of the friends, is coming over and they want them to meet. Sameer is a little distressed to learn that his parents are arranging his marriage, and refuses. His mom calms him down by saying that they're not forcing him to marry right now. They just want him to meet her and see how things go. At this, he reluctantly agrees to at least meet her.

The doorbell rings, and Sameer opens it. He takes on a look of shock as he realizes that being arranged to Pooja might not be as bad as he was fearing. Pooja turns out to be a very pretty and polite young lady. He lets her in, and the parents tell them to go to Sameer's room so the "oldies" can talk.

They wander into his room while Sameer quickly cleans up a few things behind her back. She notices a picture of the friends on his headboard, and he tells her about his buddies.

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