Sameer and Akash reassure Sid that no matter how hectic their lives get, they will always make time to do things together. He seems to lighten up a little, then they head off back to the hotel. Before they make it there, we get another round of scenes of the guys having fun. Most of these involve sailing, so there are a lot of cool scenic shots of the ocean and the large ship they're on.

Later that day, Sid sees Deepa sitting by herself on the beach, looking depressed. He strikes up a conversation that leads to asking why she likes Akash so much when it's pretty clear that he isn't going to come around any time soon. She doesn't have an answer, but Sid tries to cheer her up. She does end up feeling a little better, and although it's not clearly stated it seems like she's letting Akash go and moving on.

The next day, the guys are seen loading the trunk of the car. Sameer is holding back, and hasn't brought any of his things out of the hotel, and the guys ask what's up. He tells them that he's staying for a few more days to be with Kristine, the blonde he's been spending time with. The guys look shocked, a condition that only worsens as he tells them that she is Swiss and he's thinking of going home with her to start a bee farm to produce the world famous Swiss honey. I know, it sounds ridiculous, and that's just what Sid and Akash think too. They get into the car with resigned sighs, since they are sure there is disaster looming ahead.

Sid pays a visit to Tara once he's home. During his stay, we learn that Tara is divorced and has a daughter. Unfortunately, she doesn't get to see her because her ex-husband's lawyers made a case against her by using false witnesses that made her seem like an irresponsible alcoholic. There is a mild irony here, since she finishes a glass of something that she refills from one of those fancy glass containers one usually keeps "the good stuff" in. She changes the subject back to his trip, but he tells her that he'd like to paint her. She agrees, and he runs off to get his supplies.

When he gets back to Tara's house, she's on the front step, and is preparing to leave. She tells him that there was a call from work, and she has to go take care of a problem. Sid's a little bummed about it, but bucks up as she gives him a big cheesy grin and pats him on the cheek as she heads out.

Over at Akash's house, he's having dinner with his parents. They ask him if he's thought about what he wants to do now that he's done with school. Naturally, he's not worried about it too much, but his dad decides that it's time he had some responsibilities. Akash jokes around about it, but his dad is being serious. He tells Akash that he is to go to Sydney, Australia and manage the branch of the family's company there. Akash is not happy about this sudden change, and has what amounts to a good pout.

This unhappy spell is broken by a phone call from Sameer's mother. She asks Akash why Sameer won't come out of his room, and hasn't eaten anything since he's been back. Akash is surprised to hear that he has returned, but covers for it by acting goofy. He tells her that he'll be right over to see if he can get Sameer to talk.

Akash and Sid go into Sameer's room, where they find him sitting on his bed in the dark, looking very upset. They ask why he didn't call them to tell them he was back in town. Sid takes on the "good cop" role and gently asks what happened. Sameer says he isn't in the mood to talk. Akash gets a wicked grin on his face, then asks how Kristine is. Sameer snaps at him to never mention her name to him again! Clearly we've hit the root of the problem, so they push on for more details. With a dejected sigh, Sameer begins to tell the story.

The day after the others left, he met Kristine on the beach and had a wonderful time. They were enjoying each other's company and the quiet afternoon together. They watched the sunset together, then went back to his little bungalow. He tells them he never could have imagined what happened next.

The camera starts panning over clothes scattered over the floor, while vigorous grunting is heard off-camera. The shot gradually works its way over to find Sameer, bound and gagged and lying on the floor!


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