The unfortunate Sameer arrives at Priya's house shortly afterwards. He begins strong, with a good head of steam built up. However, Priya cuts him off mid-sentence and tells him that she spoke to Akash and "knows" that he's not been where he says he was. She calls him a liar and then tells him to go to Hell (in English!). Sameer looks very surprised and a wee bit confused as she slams the door.

From there, we cut to Sid on his way home. He sees that a new neighbor is moving in to the house on the end of his road. As he takes a closer look, he sees she is an attractive older woman. She appears to be struggling with her suitcases, but politely declines his offers of assistance in dragging the bags inside. Finally she breaks the handle off one of the cases and concedes that she may be in need of aid after all.

They get her all moved in, and introductions are made. Tara is an interior decorator, and Sid's a painter. So, now they know they have something to talk about, they get chatty. He invites her to his house to see his work whenever she wants.

This turns out to be pretty soon, since the next scene has her arriving at the door to his house. Sid's mother answers it, and there's the slightest bit of awkwardness as Tara asks if Sid's home. Sid's mom takes off to go to work while Tara and Sid head up to see his collection.

She looks at his paintings, and she points out lots of little details that she says point to aspects of his personality that she thinks he keeps hidden. As she explains her theories, Sid watches her with an odd expression. It's sort of a mixture of "Wow, I didn't notice that about my own work," "Hey this lady is really into art," and "Damn, this is sort of turning me on." She asks him which one is his favorite, and he tells her he hasn't painted his favorite yet.

The movie decides to lighten things up a little, so we go over to Sameer's house. He's in bed, and a dark figure opens the door to his room and quietly walks to the foot of the bed. The camera stays up with Sameer's face, and we see the sheets slowly get pulled towards the foot of the bed. Sameer pulls them back up a couple of times before getting annoyed and turning on a light. He groggily looks around the room, but doesn't see Akash until he's already in the air jumping towards him.

Sameer tells Akash that he's mad at him for what he did with Priya. Akash tells him that it was bound to happen sooner or later, and they engage in a conversation reminiscent of the "Relationship George" vs. "Friendship George" from Seinfeld. Akash tells him to pack his bags, cause they're going on a road trip to Goa. Goa is a beautiful beach resort on the west coast of India. This also sets up a music montage to the movie's theme song, "Dil Chahta Hai" ("The Heart Wants"). Again, this is a catchy tune that I quite enjoyed.

Eventually they make it to their hotel. They waste no time in checking out the ladies that are in abundance, and spot Deepa walking into the lobby. Akash is distressed and attempts to hide behind a potted plant, but his friends point him out to her in order to maximize their entertainment.

After a genuinely funny scene, they head out to the beach. We have a lengthy montage of the guys having fun playing volleyball, jetskiing, and other such beach related activities. During these scenes, there are some sparks between Sameer and a blonde girl that seems to be following him around. Deepa is also on the warpath to get a hold on Akash, but he goes to great lengths to avoid her.

When they're done with the "having fun at the beach" segment, the guys head up to an overlook and take a breather. Sid is looking pensive and isn't saying much. When asked why, he tells the guys that he's concerned that they're all about to head off on their separate ways, and may not get to do as many things together before too long.

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