Priya is angry when Sameer comes back to their table. She asks him what he thinks he's doing chatting it up with other girls when he's there with her. She goes on about how sure she is that he's got something going on the side, while Akash sits behind her and mimics her movements and makes faces at Sameer while he's being grilled. Luckily for Sameer, Sid announces that he's done with his sketch, and that breaks up the fight.

As they pass around the napkin, we see that he's drawn a pretty girl's face on it. The guys are impressed, and ask who she is. He says he doesn't know, but she's standing not too far from where they're sitting. Akash is so inspired that he decides to go talk to her. The others try to tell him that they don't think she's his type. When Priya asks what that's supposed to mean, he explains that he likes girls that live their lives and let him live his, and that aren't overly emotional (rules Priya out, doesn't it?). Sameer tries one last time to talk him out of it, but Akash tells him that he's going to use the "Akash charm" on her, and that it never fails!

He goes about getting her attention by stepping up on stage and announcing that he's going to sing a song called "100 Ways to Get a Job." The crowd seems displeased, and he tells them he's kidding. Instead, he kicks into the first musical number for the movie, entitled "Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe." I liked this song. As luck would have it, I ended up liking all the songs in this movie. We spend a few moments with everyone as they get funky and enjoy themselves. The song is about having fun and enjoying your youth no matter what others may say about you.

Once the dancing around is over, Akash makes his move on the Mystery Woman. He introduces himself, and she tells him her name is Shalini. She tells him that she's there with someone, but he's not taking "no" for an answer. He resorts to a loud proclamation of love for her on bended knee while the other patrons snicker and giggle at him. As he's glancing around for approval from the audience, he doesn't notice a rather large, angry faced man has stepped between him and Shalini.

This turns out to be Rohit, the "someone" that Shalini has come to the club with. After Akash attempts to weasel his way out of the situation, he ends up just making Rohit more angry and catching a swift punch in the eye. The scene ends with a nice first-person view of the incoming slug to the face, and jump-cuts to the beach where Priya and Sameer are jogging.

Sameer is getting a speech from Priya. She doesn't like him hanging out with Akash. Apparently she was humiliated by his behavior at the club (she didn't seem to mind joining in the song, what gives?) and thinks that Sameer should stop being his friend. She issues an ultimatum - either Akash goes or she does. Sameer has until 2pm that day to deliver his choice.

Over at Akash's place, the guys are watching TV. The guys are giving Akash some good-natured ribbing about his run-in with Rohit. Akash seems to be taking it in stride though, and is able to make some jokes about it. For being the playboy "jerk" of the group, Akash is easily the most fun out of all of them.

It comes to Sameer's attention that it's now close to 4pm, and he realizes that he's forgotten to call Priya. They guys ask him why he's so afraid of her, and he says that it's love, not fear. The guys get him calmed down, and let him use the phone. He makes the call in the room with the other two guys. Perhaps this is common over there, but anytime a guy I know calls his wife or girlfriend, they get as far away from the rest of the group as possible. Anyway, he isn't able to complete a sentence when she picks up the phone. When he tells her that he's calling from Akash's, she hangs up on him.

Akash has had enough of her pushing his friend around, so he tells him to grow a backbone and tell her that if she wants to be with him, then she's got to go along with his wishes. After a rousing "be a man!" speech, Sameer charges off to have a face-to-face meeting with Priya. As he heads out, Akash chuckles as he watches his doomed friend march off to his fate. The moment he leaves, the phone rings. Priya is trying to call Sameer back, but Akash tells her that he's not been there since the night before. She blows up and he hangs up on her, having a good laugh all the while.

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