We start with a set of stylish credits over a dark background with cool blue accents to accompany our titles. Once they are complete, an ambulance is seen coming down a rainy street with its lights on. A gurney is wheeled through a bunch of doors in the ER as nurses huddle around the incoming patient. A concerned young man is watching all of this, and is stopped from following any further once they pass through a big set of swinging doors. From the reverse angle, we see that it's Sid who is looking after the patient. With a dejected sigh, he moves away from the doors.

Sid goes to talk to the doctor in charge of the new patient. She tells him that the problem is a case of cirrhosis of the liver. The case is a rather bad one, and it's too soon to say anything yet about the possible outcome. A transplant donor is not available on such short notice, and she tells him that he can use her phone if he wants to call any of her family or friends about the situation.

In a darkened room, we see a young man sitting in front of a computer. He answers the phone to find Sid on the other end. This is Sameer, and he is pleased to hear from Sid. He is concerned when he learns of the problem, and tells Sid that he's coming to the hospital to wait with Sid for any news. He tells Sid that Akash is also back in town, and that he'll bring him along. Sid tells him that he doesn't think Akash will come with him, but Sameer tells him that "that happened a long time ago," setting up the first part of our story. They hang up, and Sameer dials another number.

Over at Akash's place, the phone rings. He picks it up and listens for a while before saying that he doesn't think he should go. Eventually he hangs up, then goes to slouch on his recliner.

Sameer is driving to the hospital and starts thinking back. In a flashback, he remembers getting another urgent call from Sid to come to his house immediately. Akash and Sameer pound on the door to the house, and race upstairs once Sid's mother lets them in. When they reach Sid's room, he's standing there looking pleased with himself. He's just finished a painting and wants to know what they think of it. The guys look both relieved and annoyed that this was all he wanted. They look at the painting and see that it is of a nude woman with her back to the viewer.

As they stare at it, they start to think she resembles someone they all know. Akash thinks that she looks like their old Economics teacher. He claims to have a better knowledge of her figure than the others since he went to her for one-on-one "tutoring sessions." He's feeling pretty cocky until Sid flicks a paintbrush at him and gets red paint all over his nice blue shirt. This escalates into a full-blown paint fight and roughhousing battle that is interrupted by Sameer reaching the hospital, ending the flashback.

Sameer meets Sid at the reception desk, and they go to talk in the waiting area. We learn that Sid has just returned to Bombay that very morning after staying with his uncle in Poona for some time. Sameer tells Sid that he's been working with his dad for his computer business. He also mentions that he has wedding plans in the works. Sid tells him he always knew that Sameer would be the first one of them to get hitched. Sameer tells him that Akash is engaged as well, which shocks and amazes Sid. He asks if it's to the "crazy girl" from college who used to follow him around all over the place. This question kicks off another flashback to the guys partying at a club after Graduation!

The "crazy girl" he mentioned is Deepa, who is yelling for Akash from across the room. She makes her way over to the group of friends, while Akash looks embarrassed and annoyed. Deepa asks him to come dance with her, and he tells her to go on ahead - he'll catch up in a bit. Strangely, she agrees to this and goes out on the floor and begins gesturing "seductively" to him. Akash mockingly gestures to her that she's looking great and he'll be right over, then settles in to stay put for a while.

Sameer is with his girlfriend Priya, who is whining that she's thirsty. She sends Sameer off to fetch her something while Akash asks Sid what he's sketching on a napkin. While he's waiting for Sid to finish, he notices that Sameer is talking to a girl over at the bar in a friendly way. He gets a crafty look in his eye and moves over to sit next to Priya who is busy adjusting her makeup. He mentions that it seems to be taking Sameer a very long time to get her drink, which prompts her to look over to where he is. Just in time too, since Sameer is leaning in to give the girl a peck on the cheek as he walks away.

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