Shalini and Rohit's dad leave the main party area to have a quiet chat. Meanwhile all of the guests focus their attention on Akash. Sameer and Mahesh take up flanking positions on him, and they calmly stare back at all the people that are glaring at them. Shalini's group eventually comes back to the others.

Rohit's dad takes a seat at the table, and starts talking to Mahesh. He says that he feels hurt, since he feels that Shalini never really considered herself part of the family that cared for her so much. He says that she wants to repay her debt to the family by marrying Rohit, but the only repayment they will accept is for her to marry for her own happiness. He tells her to marry Akash, much to the shock of most of the people there.

He leads her over to Akash and tells him to take care of her. They embrace, which sets off an outburst from Rohit. He demands to know why they're so concerned about Shalini's happiness, but not his. He says he won't allow this to happen, and runs down and grabs Shalini's arm. Akash takes Rohit's hand off her, then pops him in the face, knocking Rohit to the ground.

Akash proves to be the valiant type, and extends his hand to help Rohit up. Rohit admits defeat, and accepts Akash's hand. Rohit walks away, leaving everyone looking a little stunned.

We rejoin Sameer and Sid in the hospital waiting room. Sid looks amazed to hear that Akash has gone through so many changes. He asks if Sameer called him to come to the hospital, but figures out that he won't be coming.

In one small flashback, we see the night that Akash said he won't come to the hospital. His alarm clock goes off, so he's not slept all night. He's driving to work, and sees groups of friends hanging out on the way. He imagines seeing himself and his old friends and has a moment of clarity.

In the waiting room, Sameer's phone rings. Akash is on the line, and asks to speak to Sid. Akash apologizes for the incident way back when, and asks for forgiveness. Sid says that he too owes an apology, but Akash won't let him be sorry today, it's his turn. Sid laughs and says he hasn't changed a bit. It turns out that Akash is calling from the hospital, and they reunite in a big bear hug.

The inconvenient nurse interrupts them, and calls for Sid. He goes into the room we've been waiting outside of all night.

Minor spoiler alert: I am guessing you have figured out already who it is that is in the hospital, since they've been hinting at it the whole movie. In the unlikely event that you don't know who it is and want to be surprised, stop reading here.

Sid sits down next to Tara's bed. She wakes up and has few parting words for Sid. She tells him that she is in no pain, and feels peaceful and calm. She tells him that if he wants her to be happy, then he needs to be happy too. After a few moments, she passes away mid-sentence.

Later, we see the guys hanging out outside Tara's house while movers come and empty it. Having closed that chapter, they walk away and the screen goes to black.

We fade back in with a "6 months later" card, and see the guys are at Goa again, overlooking the sea at the fort they visited earlier. They're called away from the view by Shalini and Pooja who have set up a picnic. They walk over to join them, and we get to my only complaint about the whole movie.

As the fellows are walking over, Sid notices a pretty young lady wandering near the picnic area by herself. They give each other kind of goofy grins, and he walks over to her. During this, a slower version of the theme song starts playing, and the scene fades from the picnic to the 6 of them having a big dinner in someone's house. The credits roll over them talking and laughing.

Now, I understand why she's there. The other two friends have girls, so Sid can't be without one by Movie Law. However, she doesn't even have a line. All she does is smile at Sid, and we're left to assume the rest. I found this odd after all the development that went into all the other characters. At least they could have had her introduce herself, or even given her a name! Even in the credits she's listed as "Girl at Chopra Fort." (sigh)

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