After dinner they go to the living room to have the wine. Rohit asks if Akash will come to the wedding. He tells them that he is too busy at work to make the trip. Rohit feigns dismay and says that they'll come to his wedding when the time comes, but Akash says he's not getting married. All this commotion has only proven to Akash that he was right - love is only good for hurting people and causing problems. Rohit tells him he's wrong, since he and Shalini love each other (yeah right).

Akash decides that it is time to go, so he takes his leave. Shalini comes out after him to return his jacket from the other night. He doesn't speak a word to her, so she tells him that someday she will explain why she is marrying Rohit. He asks why she thinks she has to do that. She replies that she needs to, because they both know it wasn't "that fat opera singer" he saw when he searched his heart.

He walks away from her without answering, and proceeds to spend some time moping while we hear "Tanhayee" (Loneliness) playing over the scenes. We also get to see that Shalini is not pleased with what she's chosen to do either, but seems helpless to stop it.

When the montage is over, we join Akash in his apartment. He picks up the phone and dials what he thinks is Sameer's number, but instead he has accidentally (subconsciously) dialed Sid's house. Sid's mom answers and they have a quick chat. When he hangs up, tears well up in his eyes and he takes a few moments to compose himself.

This scene was interesting to me. I think the film handles Akash's growth very well, and this is a good scene to show how much he has changed. A somber, melancholy Akash is pretty much the polar opposite of what we started with.

The phone rings, and it's Akash's dad. He quickly notices that his son is not sounding too good. He tells Akash that he wants him to come back home. It's not clear if he means for good, or just for a break. Either way, Akash agrees. He has a father to son chat when he gets home, and tells his dad about the Shalini situation.

Dad tells him that he needs to tell Shalini how he feels, despite the fact that she's marrying someone else. He tells him that he should try to find out why she's going through with the wedding even though she doesn't love Rohit.

Later, we see Akash and Sameer meeting with Uncle Mahesh. Akash asks how Shalini is, and Mahesh says she is not happy. He is onto the whole mess, and knows that Shalini and Akash are in love but are stuck in this situation. Mahesh explains why she's doing this.

Shalini's father and Rohit's father were business partners. When she was six years old, her parents were killed in a car crash. Mahesh was her only living relative, but at the time he was unable to support her. Rohit's family took her in and looked after her for most of her life. He says that if they want her to marry Rohit, she basically cannot refuse after all they have done for her.

Sameer and Mahesh encourage Akash to go and tell Shalini how he feels, so she will know for certain that he does love her. This might give her the courage to defy their wishes and marry the one she loves.

Cut to the party the night before the wedding. Everyone is dancing around and seem to be enjoying themselves. Everyone except Shalini that is. She's sitting at the banquet table and refusing anyone that comes to pull her into the dancing. As she watches everyone celebrating, she sees Akash has come to stand near her. She stares at him in disbelief while one of the other guests alerts Rohit to Akash's presence.

The party comes to a crashing halt. In the awkward silence, Akash asks her to marry him. Rohit comes over to kick his ass, but Akash stops him with a steely glare and an outstretched arm. Rohit backs off after seeing the look in his eye, and Akash drops to one knee. He repeats the same emotional speech that he used on her in the club the night they met, only this time it's a little more sincere.

Rohit's dad comes forward asking who this is that's crashing the party. Rohit explains the situation, and his dad says he wants to talk to Shalini before anyone does anything else.

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