Akash spends the first few minutes looking bored and mischievous. Eventually the show gets started, and Shalini explains what is going on. The opera is a version of "Troilus and Cressida," a tragic love story set during the Trojan war. I won't go into the details, but what Shalini explains is that when the character of Troilus is mortally wounded in battle, he stands at heaven's gate and proclaims that he would die a thousand deaths to spend one more day with Cressida, whom he loves dearly.

Shalini tells Akash to close his eyes and concentrate. She tells him to think hard, and see if he knows for whom he would be willing to suffer as Troilus would. We get to see some CG-laden time-lapse footage of Akash's memories as he thinks back through recent events. Naturally he comes to rest on an image of Shalini standing on the opera stage wearing the costume Cressida is wearing. He opens his eyes in shock as he realizes that he's been fooling himself all along, and that he does indeed have some deep feelings after all.

After the show, the two of them are walking up to Mahesh's house. He tries to say goodnight and get away, but she tells him she wants to know who he saw when he closed his eyes. He begins listing off many very sweet qualities and descriptions of Shalini, but then in a really uncalled-for move he turns it into a joke and says that he saw "that fat opera singer."

Now, up until this point we've seen that Akash is a very sarcastic, joking person that enjoys having a laugh. However this moment seemed to be a bit cruel to me. As he's talking to her, she's clearly hanging on every word and hoping that it's her he's talking about. When he decides to yank the carpet out from under her, she's obviously disappointed. He stands there laughing at her for a good while before they're done. Anyway, this is Akash's big 'jerk' moment.

Akash having made an insensitive ass of himself, it's almost a relief when they hear a stern male voice calling out to Shalini from the house. Rohit has arrived, and is looking pissed. She sheepishly says bye to Akash and drags herself inside. Rohit stands with his hands on his hips in a very aggressive pose as Akash looks on, then eventually turns and leaves.

We join Shalini inside, where she's looking unhappy. Mahesh leaves the two of them alone to talk things out. Rohit immediately switches to Grabby Asshole Mode and begins barking questions at her. When she tells him that she went to the opera with Akash, he asks her why when he demanded that she never meet with him again. She asks if he's always going to boss her around, and he has the gall to tell her yes! He grabs her arms and gives her a shake, and she tells him that he's hurting her. He eventually lets go, and she tells him she needs some time to reevaluate things, and that he could stand a little brain time as well. She leaves the house and goes for a walk.

She has a few quiet moments as she walks through town, and thinks that she sees Akash only to have him disappear when she glances away.

The next day, Akash is cruising the halls of the office. Mr. Mehta tells him that Shalini had called, and asked for Akash to call her back concerning an urgent matter. We cut to Mahesh's place, where Rohit is sitting on the couch looking very smug. The phone rings, and Rohit picks it up. Akash makes small talk with him, and learns that Shalini and Rohit are going back to India soon to be married.

I had a "say what?!" moment here. We learn later that there's a lot more to the whole Rohit/Shalini relationship, but at this point I was starting to get a little confused with her choice.

Akash does not look happy to hear the news, but he puts on a good cover and congratulates him. Rohit hands the phone over to Shalini who invites Akash to come to dinner before they all leave the country. He tells her that he doesn't know if he'll come, then hangs up. If this were me, I don't think I'd go. However, Akash decides to make the effort, and arrives at the house with flowers for Shalini and a bottle of wine. They sit down to eat, and Rohit demonstrates why they let him lead the Jerk Patrol. He begins to tease Akash about the scene he caused the night they all met at the nightclub way back when.

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