Over at Sid's place, he has come home from his art conference. His mother comes in to talk to him while he is unpacking. They talk about his trip, then she changes the subject to Sameer's visit the morning he left. She mentions that he looked troubled, but didn't say why.

Later that day, Sid meets Sameer to catch up. They go up to Sameer's place where Sameer fills him in on what he has missed. Sid recaps what he's been told - Sameer has been spending a lot of time wiith Pooja, and he's grown sweet on her. He hasn't said anything to her about it yet, but he's tried. Sid asks about Subodh, and we get a little story about how that relationship ended (!!).

He tells a story of how he made the mistake of going for a drive with them one day. We see a flashback of them in the car. Subodh is pointing out all the locations and naming the exact date and time that he and Pooja did anything, and I mean anything. Such exciting events as where they first met, then how they went a block down the road for ice cream 7 days later. Whoo! Sameer asks him if he happened to remember the time they got the ice cream, and Subodh remembers that too. After pantomiming stabbing himself in the stomach a few times, Sameer flops back onto the seat.

After hearing some of the other sordid details, Sid asks why he hasn't said anything to Pooja about his feelings. Sameer says that he was afraid she would say no, and he'd lose the only friend he had at the time. But now that Sid is back in town for support, he feels stronger and more confident. They decide that today is a good day to break the news, and off he goes.

They meet in the park, and after rambling for a few minutes, he gets to the point. He tells her that he's falling in love with her, and that he thinks he understands what it is that she's looking for. In an odd reaction, she begins to laugh. Not in a mean way, but even I was confused as to what she was doing. Perhaps it could best be explained... in song!

"Woh Ladki Hai Kahan" kicks in as we see the couple going to the movies. This is a cool song too, with lots of interesting work with strings. On top of a modern dance beat, we have fiddles playing the main melody in almost a barn dance style, with accents of Indian percussion later in the song. It's hard to imagine, but an interesting sound. As they sing the song, they see themselves in various styles of movies, ranging from classic films from the black and white era to some humorous 60's style movies.

So, it seems that's going well. Let's check in with some of our other players. Over at Sid's place, he's reading a book while his mom rubs his feet. She's fretting that he is leaving again so soon. This time his art trip is going to last for three months, and she's upset that he'll be gone for so long. She asks him if he has thought about marriage. He doesn't want to talk about it, saying that she would not understand what he thinks on that topic. She gets frustrated with him, and asks if he already likes someone. Sid still doesn't want to talk about it, but she is persistent. After a few rounds of this, she finally figures out that he's sweet on Tara.

Much as Sid predicted, his mom is not happy about this. She starts getting really angry, and claims that he was seduced by Tara's sad stories and that she won't let Sid ruin his life by falling in love with her. He gets very angry back at her and a shouting match begins. Just as he's shouting that Tara doesn't even know how he feels, they notice that Tara has appeared in the doorway. She tells Sid that his mother is right, and that he shouldn't get attached to her. She storms out of the doorway and goes home. Sid chases after her, and lets himself into her house behind her.

They begin a gut-wrenching discussion about where Sid gets off thinking there could be a chance. She asks him if she ever gave any indication that she even wanted to have a relationship with Sid. He says no, then proceeds to explain his feelings. He says that it is true that he loves her, but that he never wanted her to know about it. He would rather spend time with her and try to make her life happier, and that would be enough. At this, she softens but still asks him to leave.

He ends up back at his house, in his studio where his mom is sitting in a chair and staring at the ceiling. He tells her that after his art workshop, he plans to go and live with his uncle in the country for a while to get his mind clear. He asks her to come with him, and she agrees. They have a hug, and we pan away.

Akash is at the office, and is working at someone else's desk. He is handed the phone, and it's Shalini on the other end. We don't hear what else is said, but we see him take down some notes.

Shalini has asked him to meet her at the Sydney Opera House. He arrives looking spiffy in a suit, and he sees Shalini talking to some people in the lobby. She's in an interesting dress, and looks terrific. Akash does a noticeable double-take, and goes over to greet her. He asks what they're going to do there, and she replies that she's going to prove to him that "a thing called 'love' does exist in this world." Persistent, isn't she?

Akash makes a similar comment, and she exasperatedly tells him to shut up and follow her. They go into the main hall, and this place is huge. It's a full house, and she takes them to their seats.

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