Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Farhan Akhtar - Director / Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy - Music

Javed Akhtar - Lyrics / Running time: 3 hours 5 minutes

Own it!

Due to my "Manisha in '05" campaign, word had been spreading about my interest in Bollywood. One young lady in the office was from India, and caught wind of my goal. She thought it was interesting that I liked these movies, and we got to talking about them. She sent a list of about a dozen or so movies for me to check out, and Dil Chahta Hai was one of them.

When I showed her list to Money, he told me that a lot of them were kinda "mushy love stories," which has turned out to be true for most of them. However, they're well-done mushy love stories, and I don't have a problem with those. In fact, there is only one teeny little complaint I have with this whole movie, and we'll get to that in due time. Since this movie really doesn't have any major problems or completely outrageous story elements, this recap may be a little less entertaining than some of the others since I don't have much to make fun of here. However, I wanted to try my skill at covering a serious, good movie and gauge the results.

As far as how this one stacks up to the others I've covered so far, this one is pretty high quality. There are a lot of different locations and an overall sense of polish in this movie. Not to say the others were cheap, but I think you'll know what I mean as we go along.

Looking at the cast of this one reveals no repeat performances as far as my site goes. Let's have a look at our stars.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Siddharth (Akshaye Khanna) - Artist, very mature and the most level-headed of the friends.
Akash (Aamir Khan) - The ladies' man of the group. "Love 'em and leave 'em" is his style.
Sameer (Saif Ali Khan) - The poor guy who wants to meet someone more than anything. It rarely works out well though.
Tara (Dimple Kapadia) - An interior designer that moves into Sid's neighborhood and caches his eye. She's divorced, and has a daughter.
Shalini (Preity Zinta) - Young lady that Akash meets who teaches him a thing or two about love.
Pooja (Sonali Kulkarni) - The daughter of Sameer's parents friends. They're trying to set them up in an arranged marriage.
Rohit (Ayub Khan) - Shalini's fiancÚ. He's a bit of a jerk.
Sid's Mother (Suhasini Mulay) - She wants the best for Sid, and is concerned for his happiness.
Priya (Suchitra Pillai) - Sameer's girlfriend when our movie starts. She's got some control issues.
Deepa (Samantha Tremayne) - Energetic lady that has a powerful crush on Akash.
Girl at Chapora Fort (Mandala Tayde) - There's a reason she doesn't have a proper name. We'll get into this later.

I think that's everybody. On with the show!

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