Sanjay Dutt

Birth date: 29th July
Location: India
First film:
Rocky, 1981
Career highlight films:

Khal Nayak

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"Life was a bed of roses with many thorns for Sanju Baba who was with a silver spoon in Dutt family to his star parents Sunil Dutt and Nargis.

Sanjay Dutt started his career with Rocky produced by his father and then became the Dream Boy of many girls. At initial stage of his career there were many ups and downs, but Mahesh Bhatt's Naam uplifted his career and he again started with the new image. Subhash Ghai's Vidhata and Khalnayak showed his acting talent, in one where he was child and in another a child who takes a wrong way to earn money. Lawrence D'souza's Saajan was a big hit where he portrayed a lame poet. There was a false belief that he could not dance, but he proved himself in Thaneedar where he danced to the tunes of Taama Taama with co- star Madhuri Dixit. The song was a big hit.

Sanjay Dutt's life was always in media with one or the other controversies surrounding him. There were his drug addiction, his actress wife Late Richa Sharma suffering from Tumor, his involvement with anti - social parties and many more. But tough times never lasted for him. He is back in the industry to give many hits."










From the Webmaster -

Out of all of the actors I've devoted a section to here at AoM, Sanjay Dutt has perhaps the most interesting life story. To tell it all here would be an entire article in itself, so I will refer the reader to the linked story above. It is quite a tale of tragedy and success, with a very positive outcome.

I like Sanjay Dutt. His movies are often a little over the top when it comes to action and violence, but he is always an entertaining and humorous character no matter what the role. While some of his films have had perhaps more than their fair share of problems, Mr. Dutt has always given them the best performance he could, and is a consistently good entertainer.