Priyanka Chopra

Birth date: 18th July
Location: Rai Bareily, India

First film:
The Hero, 2003
Career highlight films:


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"She is the Miss World title holder for year 2000. She is originally from Rai Bareily, Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka studied in Lucknow, Rai Bareily and Boston. After returning from Boston she received a call to participate in the Femina Miss India pageant to which her parents had sent her photographs without her knowledge. She turned out the first runner-up in the pageant. Incidentally all the three Miss India personalities of the pageant went on to win their respective titles for the year - Miss India Lara Dutta became Miss Universe 2000 and second runner-up Diya Mirza became Miss Asia-Pacific 2000. This was the first time the three titles of an year went to the same country.

Beauty pageants were banned in her conservative home state Uttar Pradesh the year she won the title, and she received death threats as well.

There were allegations that her Miss World title was rigged, after a mistake made by her in the final round was overlooked by the judges. Asked "Which living woman do you admire the most?" she replied, "Mother Teresa", Mother Teresa having died in 1997.

After winning the Miss World title, Priyanka moved to films."










From the Webmaster -

Priyanka and I got off to a rough start. The first movie I'd seen her in was nearly unwatchable due to its overuse of "special" effects and editing. However, I had no problems with her performance. It was just tough to admire anyone in this movie as it was such a violent assault on the eyes. As bad as Asambhav was, she completely redeemed herself in Andaaz, the second film of hers I saw. Her memorable performance and charisma completely removed any doubts I had after the disastrous first outing.

Having demonstrated her ability to perform a wide variety of acting styles and being a terrific dancer, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Priyanka in the future.