Jackie Shroff

Birth date: 1st February
Location: Mumbai, India
First film:
Swami Dada, 1982
Career highlight films:

1942: A Love Story
Khal Nayak

Complete Filmography

From RhythmInfo.com -

"He's considered one of Bollywood's most affable stars. So much so, Jackie Shroff is open to fielding questions about everything under the sun including his take on the opposite sex, his own sexuality, his family life, his financial difficulties and then perhaps, his film career!

This has been the story of his life, ever since Jackie graduated from being a small-time 'dada' at Teenbatti (in South Bombay) to a popular model, till finally, Dev Anand picked him up for a minor part in 'Swami Dada' (1982).

Following which, Subhash Ghai picked him up for the part of an unkempt goon-turned-virtuous 'Hero' (1983). This romantic musical co-starring Meenakshi Seshadri sent the cash registers ringing and promptly turned Jackie into the hottest newcomer on the block.

This, at a time when star sons like Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol too were trying to get their feet into the door along with another newcomer, Anil Kapoor.

Jackie and Anil formed the most popular male team of the 1980s _ so much so, a few enterprising gossip rags even alleged that the duo was having an affair! While that may well have been sheer over-enthusiasm their on-screen rapport was there for everyone to see.

All the way from their first film, 'Andar Bahar' (1984), to 'Yudh' (1985), 'Karma' (1986), 'Uttar Dakshin' (1987), 'Kala Baazar', 'Parinda' and 'RamLakhan' (all 1989), Jackie and Anil formed the perfect foil to each other _ with the former usually playing the strong silent type, while the latter stuck to being loud and gregarious.

But through most part of this association, Jackie was considered the handsome non-actor,       while Anil was usually taken to be the star performer. This, despite the fact that he'd proved himself quite firmly with a moving performance in Mahesh Bhatt's 'Kaash' (1987), essaying the role of a once-famous actor struggling to cope with failure and rejection.

Finally, it was Vidhu Vinod Chopra's 'Parinda' that changed Jackie's 'wooden' image and even fetched him a 'Best Actor' Filmfare award! But Jackie displayed very little prudence in his selection of films and picked up just about anything that came his way (unlike Anil, who was always choosy).

As a result, he registered more flops than hits _ many of them being B-grade projects. And yet he managed to keep afloat because of his 'action hero' image and the success of films like '100 Days' (1991), 'Gardish' (1993) and 'Khalnayak' (1993)."










From the Webmaster -

I encourage any readers to please check out the complete article on Jackie from RhythmInfo.com linked above. This guy has had a pretty colorful career, and there was just too much to put here.

I like Jackie Shroff. It's hard to describe what it is exactly, but he just gives off that "nice guy" impression. He's been in tons of movies, and even by my own random selection methods for movie reviews he's turned up more often than anyone else so far. He's good at what he does though, with only a few instances of being in a role that doesn't exactly suit his style. I enjoy his work a great deal.