After taking a few Tylenols, I tried to think of a fair closing for this piece. I was afraid that this recap would be annoying to read with all the acronyms. However, I felt they were important to include since they help to convey my frustration with this movie. I don't think the full impact of how mind-numbing they are comes across unless I mention them as often as they were used. So, I do apologize if you didn't like this article. However, I am still waiting for my apology from the producers of "Asambhav."

Clearly, I was annoyed by the whole thing. I think that what is the most frustrating aspect of this movie was that it didn't have to be this hard to watch. Yes, the plot was a little silly and more complicated than it needed to be. The action scenes weren't all that great, but were probably not as bad as I'm assuming. It's just they were so damn hard to watch and tell what was happening half the time. The constant overuse of the "cool" effects really ruins this film. That's a shame, because it's clear that a lot of time and work went into this. The scenery is beautiful, most of the actors were doing good work, and it certainly doesn't look like this movie was made on the cheap.

Arjun Rampal (Capt. Arya) appeared in the movie "Tehzeeb" as Urmila Matondkar's husband. He was very likable in that movie, and has a good comedic wit. He has no problems slipping into the role of an action hero, so I don't have a problem with his performance here. It certainly looks natural when he's doing his fighting scenes, but it can be hard to tell since half of them are in fast-forward. I hope he gets a chance to do another action role, but in a film that lets us really see what he's doing.

This was my first time seeing Priyanka Chopra (Ahhhleeeeeshhhaaaa). She was okay. Nothing stellar to rave about, although she does have the musical numbers down pat. She's quite a dancer and looks great. She's another one that I hope to see in something else where she's given more to do.

Naseeruddin Shah (Sam Hans) has appeared in quite a few movies. I've recently seen him in "China Gate" and "Monsoon Wedding" - two films which were far better than this one. Mr. Shah is a good actor. This outing was definitely not a good one to base an opinion of his abilities on. Here he seems to relish the part of a pseudo-villain, and does what he can with what he's given.

Everyone else... well thanks for coming. Special thanks to Mukesh Rishi (Yousan, Anna). Once again you've done a stellar job of portraying a muscle-bound bully with a penchant for overacting. The legacy of Anna the Assassin has been preserved.



As terrifying as it may seem, I found this lovely young lady in the background of one of the music numbers. This is one of Sam Hans' bikini girls, perhaps caught at a bad time by my screenshot. Anyway, She seemed to be the perfect icon for my rating of this movie.

Asambhav - The Impossible (2004)

Quality:       (Out of 5)
Entertainment Value:         (Out of 5)

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