This leads us to our next big song and dance routine, "Teri Dehk Dehk." This is a duet between Arya and Alisha about how her love is like a bullet in his heart. Not exactly the sweetest sentiment I've heard, but then again I'm not much of a romantic.

Might I add that this is a nice catchy song that is very enjoyable if you are not looking at the screen. There is rampant use of USSes here, and it is very distracting. For example, there will be one small split on the left, with the main frame being the right one. Then the left one will slide off screen, the large right frame shifts over to the left, and another smaller split comes in on the right. It's really annoying.

The party comes to an end and the night passes. The next morning we see Sam relaxing with his bikini women when two policemen come to talk to him. The guy playing the first cop is a riot. It seems he can only speak in bursts of two or three words, and has something of a southern American accent. "Mister Sam? We have found. A dead body. Of a girl. At the delta. With your. Hotel room keys." However, this is spoken in English, and since we're watching an Indian production being filmed in Switzerland, I'm willing to concede that English may not be his language of choice. Still, it's hilarious.

Naturally Sam is shocked at this news. We see him driving out to the scene with Dabral and his sidekick. I thought they may be having car problems, but no, it's just more UTLs. He tells them to get out of the car and check the body. There are quite a few cops on hand as the men approach the corpse. Dabral opens the bag and we see poor Shilpa inside sporting a nasty gash in her neck from the wire. Dabral recoils in horror and nods back to Sam who is still waiting in the car. After a moment of reflection, Sam sees more cops popping up out of hiding places behind the car and readying their sidearms. Sam draws a pair of pistols of his own, and stands up in the sun roof. He blasts all the cops in the area (looks like about 5 or 6 of them) leaving only "3 Word" left.

"3 Word" has Dabral at gunpoint, but Sam walks over to him and shoots him in the neck. This starts his cool theme music that we're already tired of.

We go from the carnage to ... somewhere where Brian is meeting with Ansari and his minions. Ansari is frustrated that Brian's not sold the drugs yet. Brian tells him that he has contacted the buyer and it will all be done soon. They go to Brian's vineyard to meet with the client. They've got a lab set up in a small warehouse to test the goods. As they're doing this, we see Yousan (remember him?) and his posse UTL'ing their way up the road towards the meeting. We see a few scenes of the science team mixing the powder in some liquids and agitating it.

Oh what's this? Arya, Atul, and Alisha... hmmm. Okay. AAA from now on. AAA is also coming to the vineyard for reasons we don't know yet.

Man, all these characters in one place... makes one think something big might happen here.

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