As they are being led up to the patio, we see a couple of quick cuts to Kinjal (remember her?) being held captive in her room by the Polite Terrorist, who favors us with another cheery "hello!"

Back outside, the party is walking towards Mabros, who scowls at them in an USM. He's all smiles by the time they meet, and he introduces himself as the general manager of the hotel. Arya notices the same elaborate tattoos that he observed through his super binoculars on Mabros' hand, and realizes who he really is. He keeps up his facade, and gives him his reporter business card. Mabros tells them they only have a short while to meet with the Pres, so they'd better get to it.

The group goes over and introductions are made. They sit down to chat, and Mabros is standing right behind them looking really pissed off. The Pres does a good job of looking like he's not a captive, and covers for the lack of communications by saying he requested it. They make some more small talk, and begin to pass a teapot around. Arya intentionally pours some onto his sweater and they all fret about it. During the flurry of "oh let me help you with that" activity, the Pres and Arya exchange a knowing glance (in a USS of course).

Arya asks Mabros to lead him to the restroom. Their travel time is covered by meaningless USSes to show the Pres looking uncomfortable, and the Polite Terrorist moving his shotgun around threateningly near Kinjal. Oh, and the Pres's frame is in USM, and Kinjal's is in UTL. (sigh)

Arya and Mabros reach the men's room and he begins to dry himself. Arya asks Mabros several pointed questions, hinting at all the strange circumstances at the hotel. Such as, there are no other guests there, and everyone seems to be walking on eggshells. Mabros then makes some blatant threats against Arya, saying how he and the hotel staff hate reporters, since they are so nosy and getting into everyone's business. If they go too far, sometimes they get hurt. Arya nervously laughs this off and apologizes for being so inquisitive. Mabros says that he didn't mean Arya directly, and that he was "cool." Whatever.

They rejoin the others outside and start the interview. We get another round of political talk which doesn't really have much impact on the plot, so I'm skipping it! The Pres does get into some weird hinting about a salt shaker, and finding out what's really in it. This leads to one of those montages where the hero figures out everything all at once, with helpful flashbacks that are loaded with UTLs and USSes. He decides that he needs to have a closer look at Brian and Sam Hans.

Speak of the devils, we join them at a nightclub. Ambassador Sarin is there at Sam's invitation, but says he won't stay long so as to not attract the press. We see the other members of the embassy's staff on hand via another USS. Even Ms. Brar has come, wearing a lovely red sari and stunning all the men there. Arya and Atul show up as well, and their arrival is noticed by the other staff members in two USSes. (sigh)

Arya makes his introductions to Brian and Sam Hans, and for some reason we have a picture-in-picture of the guys at the table during this. Dabral mentions that Arya and Alisha are old friends, and that he learned to sing with her. The guys all put on the pressure for Arya to sing for them, and he reluctantly agrees after Sam Hans "shoots" him with his fingers in 3 USSes.

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