We cut to a motorboat pulling into a harbor through a series of UTLs. As they land, we see Ansari and his buddies are the passengers. They disembark and join Sam, Brian, and Dabral on Sam's patio. They make some small talk during which we learn that Brian has found religion and is content for the first time in his life. They go about the details of the exchange while we see Shilpa is hiding in the bushes and eavesdropping. She is discovered by one of Ansari's goons (the jailer from Gupt) on his way back from inspecting the goods. He brings her onto the patio with the rest of the people.

She tries to tell them she was actually looking for Alisha. The men threaten her to mind her own business, then surprisingly they let her go! Sam tries to reassure Ansari that she was no one important, but Ansari wants her dealt with. Sam teases Ansari and chides him for acting like such an amateur.

Inside, Shilpa tells Alisha about what she found. She still has the bag of drugs on her, and hands it to Alisha. She tells her about the business deal she just witnessed, and how everyone they've trusted so far was in on it. Just then, the door opens and Dabral marches in. Alisha hides the bag behind her back as Dabral sends Shilpa out of the room. He then compliments Alisha on her performance and promises she'll be a big star soon. She thanks him and he says goodnight, leaving her there to fret.

Alisha heads to her bedroom and tries to call Shilpa's room. However, no one is in. She hangs up and starts frantically biting her nails. We see someone in a phone booth in a darkened area. Alisha's phone rings, and it's Shilpa calling from the booth. She explains that she is going to Zurich. The bad news is, Ansari and his henchmen are there at the station. They attack Shilpa with a garrote wire, and strangle her. Alisha hears the attack over the phone, and runs out to the station. It must be really close by, since she is able to get there on foot while the men are still loading Shilpa's body into the trunk of their car.

We go back to the Embassy. Arya's arrangements for the interview are all in order. As he is leaving, we see Alisha is there to apply for a replacement passport. They inform her it will take a while to get it for her, and she is upset. Arya watches all of this, and follows Alisha out. He invites himself to her table at a nearby cafe and tells her that he's a reporter, and wants to help her out. Dabral and his sidekick are passing by down below, and they spot her. She quickly explains that these men are trying to frame her. Arya makes up a story about how he and Alisha are old friends from school, and they used to sing together.

Dabral buys the story, then lies to Alisha about Shilpa's absence. He claims that her mother has suffered an accident and she had to fly back to Mumbai right away. As this is happening, Atul shows up behind them. After Dabral leaves, Atul tells them he was lying - there were no outbound flights to India that day. Alisha tells them the whole sordid tale, much to the delight of Atul. He hopes to make a big case out of the drug smuggling and further his career. She shows him the bag of drugs (I can't believe she's carrying this thing around. She even had it in the Embassy) as proof. After a heated discussion on priorities, Arya tells Atul to get him all of the items on a list of equipment he has prepared. He's got some investigating to do.

As the exciting Capt Arya theme music kicks in, we see him UTL'ing his way through some water and up onto a dock. He's got some snazzy binoculars with him, and he uses them to scope out the hotel where the Pres is being held. He also takes a really long time watching the terrorists exercise. Satisfied that he knows the layout of the place and who he is dealing with, he packs up and heads out.

The big day for the interview has arrived! Arya brings along Alisha posing as his photographer, and Atul as his assistant. in a surprisingly effect-free sequence, the boat arrives and they disembark. Ms. Olga has them patted down for security then leads them up to the hotel.

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