We now come to the scene that prompted me to select this film for review. The editors go freakin' nuts with the stupid effects to convey a woman walking down a hall. (sigh) Here we go.

Shilpa is doing some independent investigating. She opens the doorway to a hallway and steps through in a USM. She takes 4 steps in a UTL, then USMs for another 3. She starts down some stairs in a UTL, then the film skips about 5 frames and puts her lower on the staircase. She USM's for a second while she turns her head back and forth, then UTLs the rest of the way down the steps to make up for lost time. We get 3 USSes of her coming down the hall, then UTL within the USSes as she approaches us. We have a full frame for about 2 seconds then slip into a different style of 3 USSes so we can see her feet.

We go full frame for another couple of seconds, then get 2 USSes of her looking off to her right from different angles. She enters a doorway and UTLs towards us for a record-breaking 10 steps. She passes us looking upwards, and sprouts 2 UDTs. She begins to lift the covers off of some containers, with the looking inside being in USM, and the raising of the covers done in UTL. She goes into another room in a combination of UTL and the annoying "camera flash" effect that Atul had at the phone booth. She notices the container they had attached to the van at the airport and opens it.

There is a painfully brief moment where no effects are used as she searches through the contents of the trailer. Our respite is ended when she locates a package of white powder in one of the boxes. We go to a 4 USS shot of her turning around, then she sprouts another 2 UDTs. All three of them react in horror at her discovery.

The first time I tried to watch this movie, this is where I turned it off. I had a raging headache and was so fed up with all the pointless "cool" effects that I couldn't go on. Upon reflection however, I decided this was a very good candidate for some derision. The things I go through for you, gentle readers!

The producers decide that they've put it off long enough, and we hit our first big musical number, "Koi Aayega (Someone Will Come)." This is the full length version of the song Alisha was performing at her audition for Dabral. It's not a bad song when we get to hear the whole thing. Unfortunately, it is marred by the use of USSes at regular intervals.

The video is a little weird here, alternating between Alisha doing her dancing and Arya on a training course (?). Towards the end of the song Shilpa comes into the room and lurks behind Sam Hans, while she generates two more UDTs and looks worried.

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