We cover his trip to Switzerland via an extended UTL showing the airplane flying and landing. Arya takes some time to relax and leans against a pay phone. As he does this, he notices Alisha's entourage arriving. Dabral introduces her to Brian. They make some small talk, then get down to the suspicious stuff. Dabral asks Alisha to go to the baggage claim and pick up an extra container that they'd shipped there in her name. Shilpa says that it's not their job to haul around the other's luggage, but they smooth talk her into doing it anyway. Dabral and Brian share a "discreet" signal that everything is going according to plan by openly giving each other a thumbs-up and a handshake. Arya watches all this with great interest, but doesn't follow when they move.

As soon as they are gone, the pay phone rings. Arya moves to answer it but is cut off by a shorter man in a baseball cap holding a slice of pizza. He speaks for a while, and each sentence is cut off by an effect similar to a camera flash going off. This happens 7 or 8 times before he gets Arya's attention and offers him the phone. Arya learns from his superiors that the man with the pizza is his contact person, Atul. (Sadly no, not the Toughest Man Alive.) They tell him that Atul does not know all of the particulars of the case, and for some reason they want to keep it that way. Oh and of course this conversation is assisted by a friendly USS. His superiors also tell him not to go by the man's appearance - he's actually a very good officer. Makes me wonder what my boss describes me as when he's talking to other people.

We rejoin the musicians in the parking garage. We see their van driving around with a small trailer attached. They pull into a parking spot and all climb out. Alisha asks what they're doing here. Brian and Dabral tell her that someone is coming to pick up the container there, then they're all going on to the hotel. Suddenly they group is assaulted by two men. One has a pair of pistols, pointing one at Alisha's head and the other at Brian's. His partner takes the keys from Brian and begins working on removing the trailer from the van.

"Exciting" music starts to play as the elevator doors open. We see a pair of booted feet walking out of the doors, with each and every step alternating between a USM and a UTL. A man with closely cropped curly blonde hair surveys the scene calmly. He tells the gunman to let them go. Naturally the man refuses, so Sam (oops sorry to spoil the surprise, but I'm assuming you've seen the character list at the beginning) adds a "please" to his request. He still refuses. Sam tells him that he's being rude by not doing it, since he is asking politely. The gunman says he's going to kill them. Sam pulls out a pistol of his own and shoots the other (unarmed!) guy several times. He turns back to the gunman and asks if he's going to shoot them like he just shot his partner? The gunman says that he's sorry, then drops his guns. Sam tells him that he's sorry too, and begins to talk to the group asking about their flight. Then without warning, he turns back to the gunman and shoots him 5 or 6 times. Man he's good at shooting unarmed guys.

He then tells them all "Welcome to Switzerland" and that they have a lunch appointment with Sam Hans at 1pm. His theme music plays as he USM's towards us and buttons his coat. We UTL our way through a car pulling up to an impressive villa, and find a group of bikini wearing sunbathers hanging out on a patio with a man in an uncomfortably small bathing suit. He rolls over and reveals he's the man who saved them in the garage, and is in fact Sam Hans himself. He tells them that before they judge what he did earlier, they should remember the men he killed were criminals. Had a cop done that, they might have thanked him. Alisha and the others take the hint and thank him for murdering two men when he had no authority to do so. (Some commentary added by the editor.)

Back to the Embassy. Arya and Atul are trying to get in to talk with the Ambassador, but are meeting with some resistance from Parmar. They fuss for a while until Tanya Brar comes out to settle things. Arya hands her his card, and she lets them right in. This leads to a scene that goes on way too long about when Arya, posing as a reporter for India Times.com makes arrangements to interview the President. They hammer out all the details, and end the scene.

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