This is Alisha doing her rendition of "Someone Will Come" while her friend and hairdresser Shilpa looks on from the stairs near the stage. As she's singing the same line over and over we see Dabral and an associate of his watching from a table. They give each other approving nods, then go back to watching Alisha doing her thing. Amazingly, there is only one UTL here - just as the song ends - when we're pulling back from the stage. Instead of hammering us with those, the effects guys make half the shots really blurry, and they cycle the colors on her outfit as she dances.

We go backstage where Alisha is telling Dabral that she's very excited by his offer, but it's all happening so quickly she's not sure what to do. Dabral tells her that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform for the super fantastic amazing Sam Hans in his nightclub. Shilpa has lots of reservations about this idea, but Alisha decides she will do the show. He tells her to come by the office in the morning to sign the contract and to get her signing bonus.

This is when I noticed an annoying little habit of Dabral's. Whenever he says Alisha's name, he draws it out to sound like "Ahhhhleeeeessshaaaah." I didn't notice it the first time he did it, but now it's impossible (asambhav!) to miss.

The screen splits and suddenly it's the next day. Alisha is about to sign when Shilpa speaks up again, voicing her concerns about this arrangement. Alisha tells her that this is a standard contract that every recording artist has to sign, and that nothing is out of the ordinary. She finally literally tells Shilpa to shut up and signs the forms. Dabral hands her a suitcase with a million rupees inside, and tells her that if this show is a hit they will produce an album of her music.

We then have a jump cut to a rainy section of the woods. We see a combat-suited figure crouching and running through the trees towards a little camp. Only 22 minutes into the movie, and we finally meet our hero. Arya makes his way to the camp, where we are shown there are some hostages in a tent. Arya moves in and begins attacking the guards and sentries around the base. Frankly, I lost count of all the UTLs and USMs here. Basically if he was running, it was a UTL. If he's hitting someone, it's a USM. Oh, and we do get a USS while he's swinging from a rope (?).

Arya reaches the tent the hostages are in and points his pistol at the guard's face. He holds the pose for a moment, then says "pow!" and pretends to shoot him. We then hear a bullhorn announcing that the drill is over, and the enemy has lost again. A high-ranking officer is there to escort Arya to HQ for a special meeting.

We get the briefing where we go over everything we (the audience) already knows. The men do give Arya the chance to decline the assignment since it is so dangerous and the odds are bad, but he tells them that he will serve his country. As he's saying this, his theme music starts to play. I only mention this because it keeps popping up whenever he starts saying something cool. Several other people get their own little themes, so I'll point those out as we go!

They give him all of his official documents and tell him that an agent from RAW will meet him in Switzerland. I don't know what RAW is, but I assume they are bad-ass. They wrap up the briefing by telling him the operation code name is "Asambhav!" Clever!

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