We cut from a happily smiling Mabros to a man falling down on some rocks. We see a now clean-shaven Yousan throwing some guys around. This whole fight scene with Yousan is jam packed with UTLs. I took a quick count, and we have no less than ten of them in a fight that lasts exactly 30 seconds. As he goes about grappling with the men, another person runs up and tells Yousan that there is news from Mabros. Yousan is pleased with this, and lets the other men go. You see, this was only a workout. Cause real tough guys don't use stationary bikes or weights.

Yousan takes the cell phone from the man and begins talking with Mabros, who helpfully appears in another USS. Mabros reports that he has the Pres in custody, then breaks the screen into a 3rd frame, giving Yousan room to appear twice in two separate windows. (sigh) Yousan tells him that he will meet him right away and hangs up. We go to a blessedly full screen for about 5 seconds, then back to a split screen so we can see Yousan's boat arrive from two different angles. They pull up to the docks and get out, using some jump cuts to speed things up a little.

Yousan and Mabros exchange some pleasantries before getting down to business. They go over to have a look at the Pres, and Yousan is amazed and honored to be in his presence. Yousan introduces himself, and the Pres has heard of him. He's well aware of all of the terrorist plots and activities Yousan has either been a part of or has led himself. He asks Yousan what he wants him for. There's a lot of long-winded political talk here, but what it boils down to is they are using him to demand the independence of Kashmir.

This is where the plot gets muddled. Yousan is the leader of a group called "Al Amaz," that is working in conjunction with the ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan (they were also involved in the story in Khakee). In my simplification you really won't lose much of the plot, so no worries.

They remind the Pres that they also have his daughter so he'd better go along with what they want. Yousan and his men prepare to take the Pres away, but Mabros brings up the issue of his payment. Yousan calls up Ansari to get the money sent. Just so we can see everyone's reaction to the phone call, we are given three USSes to watch everyone. As luck would have it, there is a problem with the money. In order to raise the cash ($50 million US dollars), the ISI was smuggling opium into India. They need to sell it before they'll have the money, and it will take about a week.

Yousan breaks the news to Mabros, who doesn't seem all that worried about it. They agree to keep the Pres in the hotel on the island until the money can be delivered.

We cut over to Brian for his introduction. He gets a call from Ansari to go ahead and start the shipment. Brian tells him he will smuggle the goods using Sam Hans' Nightclub Show, and that he wants a cut of the payment. He tells Ansari that his contact in Mumbai is a man called Dabral, and he should deliver the goods to him.

With that all settled, it's time to complicate the plot a little further. We jump to a nightclub where a fetching young lass is performing on stage. This is not a full-blown musical number (we're getting to that, don't worry), but rather an audition for Dabral.

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