We open with a CG gun that looks to be made of ice, turning towards us and firing. As we burst into flames, we are given the stern warning that "Terror Strikes... Anytime... Anywhere... Anyone..." then we morph into a bunker where a meeting is taking place. Ansari is there in his military uniform with two other associates (one of whom bears a remarkable resemblance to Michael Ian Black of "The State"). They are addressing a large gathering of men about their recent plans. Ansari tells them that all of their previous exploits are small potatoes compared to the scheme they're cooking up this time.

Yousan is there (in an impressive beard) and tells them not to worry, all they need to do is ask and he and his men will lay down their lives for the cause. Ansari brings out some more details of the plan, and mentions this will all take place in Switzerland. As he's talking about this, we see Yousan moving behind the man to his right in our first use of USM. Yousan reveals a large curved knife and stabs the man in the back. Everyone else reacts in alarm, but Yousan tells them all that the man was a spy for the Indian government, and finds the tape recorder the dead man was concealing. Yousan tells them that it is now impossible for anyone to stop him and his group from completing the mission. As they all brandish their weapons, the screen explodes again and we start into our opening credits sequence.

The credits are played out with many many USSes as a fairly catchy theme song plays. We get lots and lots of slow shots of our hero Capt. Arya doing martial arts moves with no shirt on in a water filled area with lots of fire around the edge of his little splashy pool. I don't make these things, I just write about them. This goes on at length until we're all familiar with most of Arya's major muscle groups.

We come out of the credits to see a car arriving at the Indian Embassy in Switzerland. In a shot with 2 USSes, the car pulls up and the President of India disembarks. This action is shown to us via another USS. The President is ushered inside to the awaiting staff. Ambassador Sarin is there with Pandit, Parmar, and a few other staffers whom we don't meet. Pandit begins his legacy of spouting couplets as they are introduced, and they all laugh.

We go out to the hallway where Kinjal is being led to the meeting room by Tanya. They are welcomed in a happy reunion, and we are told that Kinjal is studying to become a lawyer at "the Harvard's, in America." The rest of this scene is pretty much disposable, unless you really want to hear Pandit's couplet describing Tanya's loveliness. They eventually get on with their vacation. We are told they are going to a secluded island resort nearby, and an entire hotel has been rented out to ensure they are not disturbed.

A short travel montage follows, complete with several USMs and UTLs. We get to see a huge hotel that appears to be the only major construction on the island as we UTL our way closer. We join the entourage as they walk the halls of the hotel. We see Ms. Olga and Mabros leading the group, posing as the heads of staff. They assure the President that everything has been taken care of, and they encourage him to relax and enjoy his visit. The Pres sends his bodyguards to their room (without dinner!) and he heads into his suite with Kinjal.

Kinjal is pouring some tea as we UTL over to the Pres trying to use the phone. He looks upset as he is unable to get a dial tone. He tells Kinjal as such, and she looks concerned. We see the bodyguards inspecting a teeny tiny security office that is filled with large assault rifles and camouflage clothing. Kinjal remarks that there is no cell phone service either. The bodyguards notice a small monitor displaying the interior of the suite the Pres is in, and a small box with many red lights sitting on top of it. Back inside the suite, Kinjal says she will go and ask the staff about the lack of phone service, but the Pres tells her to sit tight. He is going to instead alert the bodyguards that something seems funny about this. The bodyguards push a button on the box with the red lights, and they all turn blue. One of them remarks that they now have the mobile network, so this thing must have been jamming them. They leave the office to go and check on the Pres.

The Pres is coming out of his room when they meet him in the hall. They report what they've found while the Pres looks interested. The men tell him that they should contact New Delhi at once. While this is going on, Kinjal notices the cell service is back and calls the Defense Ministry. The guards are attempting to do the same when they are both shot in the back, much to the surprise of everyone. Kinjal hears the shots and looks alarmed. We see the gunman step out into the hallway and have about 6 flashing jump cuts to zoom in on him (it's Mabros). Then we have a few on the Pres as he looks mildly constipated.

Mabros properly introduces himself as a criminal mastermind with a reputation for getting tough jobs done. The Pres tells him he's made a grave mistake in kidnapping him, and that Mabros will most likely die as a result.

Back inside the suite, Kinjal's call goes through to the Ministry. We see a full screen shot of the man taking her call, then he gets pushed into an USS while they talk. Kinjal reports that he father has left the room, and there were gunshots outside. We jump to the little security room again where Ms. Olga pushes the button to jam the cell network again. Then we have another USS as Olga gives someone in the room a smarmy grin while Kinjal looks confused.

Back out in the hallway, Mabros shows the Pres that they also have his daughter in custody, and we see Olga with a gun to Kinjal's head. We also see the Polite Terrorist. This guy keeps showing up in these scenes where everyone's in trouble, then offers a friendly "hello!" He does so now.


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