Back inside the castle, Arya takes out all the men in short order. Some involve stunts so poorly executed I'm embarrassed to show them. Let's just say they're not fooling anyone with this stuff. The fact they are all in USM doesn't help hide the fact they're not really that convincing.

Yousan sends his last brother out to take a look, which amazingly he does without complaint.

Back at the airport, Sarin delivers an almost textbook Scooby-Doo ending speech to Sam, but Sam ends up shooting him several times in the abdomen. Sam then stands up and shoots him in the head.

The last brother manages to catch Arya, and makes him kneel down to be executed. Arya shoots behind him though and manages to take him out.

At the airport, the ladies check on Sam to see if he's okay. They also ask him where the Pres is, and rush off to find him.

At the castle, Atul finds the tape the men made for their demands, and keeps it.

We see Yousan leading the Pres across some rocks near a river. Arya catches up with them and begins the final showdown. Amazingly the fight is completely normal speed for quite a while. It's not until Yousan goes for a climbing tool that we get into our USMs. Yousan manages to pin Arya underwater until he stops moving. However, he was only faking and comes up again when Yousan lets go of him. Yousan tries to run out of the creek towards the Pres. If you've never seen two grown men trying to run as fast as they can in waist deep water in slow motion, I highly suggest it sometime.

Anyway surprise surprise Arya gets the upper hand and eventually impales Yousan with the climbing tool thing. Oh but we're not done yet. We see a wounded Mabros UTL himself out of the back of his truck.

Arya goes over to undo the Pres' handcuffs. Kinjal and Alisha come over and have a happy reunion with their favorite guys. Atul shows up and hands over the tape just about the time Mabros makes his move on the group. He gives away his surprise and Arya shoots him one last time, sending him into the water.

Still not done! Back at the airport, we see a bandaged Sam thanking Arya for changing his outlook on life. He turns over the $50 million to Arya, and tells him they'll meet again someday. The rest of the group arrives in a car, and they all climb into a helicopter to leave. Lots of waving goodbye and glancing around in cool ways to round out the last of our UTLs and USMs (good lord), then the credits roll (at normal speed).


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