We go from the action-packed castle to the underground studio again where they're still taping. We see lots of chest-pounding rhetoric being thrown around, then the scene ends. It's not really all that exciting, so I'll spare you the details.

We go back to the airport where Kinjal and Alisha have spent the night standing up and handcuffed inside a U-Haul. Sam is about to let them go (??) but Dabral wants vengeance for his slain brother. Sam fights with him for a while until an RV pulls up. People we've never seen before get out and walk towards them brandishing weapons. Mabros and his men gun them all down. I have no idea who they were.

Another guy gets out of the RV and Ms. Olga USMs her way out of Mabros' truck and shoots him. No clue who he was either. Sam's two guards are shot by Sarin who has just shown up with Tanya. It seems the Mabros gang is here to take the money that Ansari gave to Sam for the kidnapping that they pulled off. As a bargaining chip, they've kidnapped Brian and lead him over at gunpoint. We watch Sam's reaction and their approach in a helpful USS.

Sarin sends a man over to the van to get the money. We see a triple USS where the ladies free themselves, Dabral watches, and the man takes the cases of cash. After some quadruple USSes and talking, they let Brian go over to Sam. Of course, Sarin shoots him in the back no less than six times after he gets there. As he is doing his death speech, we see 4 scenes of USSes so we get everyone's reaction. Brian tells Sam that they were wrong - money isn't everything. It's the people in our lives that matter.

As Brian is expiring, Kinjal and Alisha run off towards the hangar. Ms. Olga and Tanya chase them and search the place. They find them hiding behind a plane (Those DO have windows. You know that, right ladies?) and foolishly stand on opposite sides of them. They fire simultaneously and miraculously Alisha moves them out of harm's way, so the two terrorist ladies end up shooting each other. Then they UTL the foot or so they were leaning back to an upright position. (sigh)

Back in the castle, Atul and Arya find out where the President is from the Gupt Jailer. Arya sneaks into the castle and knifes a few more guards just for good measure. He UTLs his way to the studio room and shoots Ansari. The screen goes to black and white while Ansari stays in color. The colors of his jacket cycle too, so you know, that's cool lookin'.

Back outside, Gupt Jailer makes a suspicious move, so Atul shoots him. That being done, we go back inside. The noise of the shot outside distracts the men left in the room. When they look back, Arya is gone! They rush out to look for him, and run past the big mark on the floor the stagehands forgot to remove from the last shot. They all run around shouting like idiots for a while, then we cut away.

Back at the airport, Dabral thinks he's being sneaky by taking the cases of money off of Mabros' truck and putting it into a golf cart. Seriously. The Polite Terrorist notices, and tosses him a "hello!" Dabral also says hello, then gets shot. Sam Hans leans up off the ground and shoots the rest of Mabros' men, including a hit or two on Mabros himself. Sarin shoots Sam, but it's not serious and is now out of bullets.

Let's see... who's left.

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