This leads us into our last big music number. Alisha is performing at Sam's club again (no, not that Sam's Club). This time it's the full-length version of the movie's theme song, "Asambhav."

Sam gets involved in this one, taking a verse and frequently going "BOOM!" towards the camera with his finger gun. Need I mention this is also ripe with dozens upon dozens of UTLs and USMs. (sigh) For some odd reason they also splice the footage of Arya's karate routine in the flaming splashy pool from the opening credits here as well, with more USSes this time. Because, you know, we've not seen it for a while.

When the song is over, Alisha pulls a pistol out of one of the guards' pants and points it at Sam. She tells everyone to drop their weapons, but Sam doesn't look worried. He manages (quite easily) to get the gun away from her, then gives her a smack.

We wipe to Kinjal in a trailer at the airport where she's holding Dabral at gunpoint. She glances over her shoulder at the sound of the door opening. She sees Alisha come in, but turns back before she sees that Sam is behind her. Sam grabs her gun too, and they go outside.

The back of a truck opens to reveal the Pres inside listening to Sam's theme music pounding away. Well it seems that Sam's got everything under control, so let's go to the exchange. We see Sam waiting on a large dam as Yousan's caravan pulls up. Yousan introduces himself as Ansari's representative and hands over the money. Sam nods to Dabral who lets the Pres out of their car. The exchange takes place and we see Sam cannot meet the President's gaze. Yousan takes the Pres to a small film set they have set up underground and prepares to tape his demands.

Over at the embassy, Arya is there to reveal the traitor. However, he tells them that Parmar has killed himself. They all act shocked at the news. Sarin declares that Parmar must have been the traitor then. However, Arya isn't finished. He says that the letter makes it perfectly clear who the problem is. When they all ask him what he's talking about, he tells them that he really doesn't think it was suicide at all. In fact, he says he was murdered.

Everyone gasps in shock. Arya pulls out his gun and sets it on the desk. He says that the killer is in the room with them. Sarin instructs Pandit to read the letter aloud. As he does so, Tanya leaves the room in a sneaky way. When the reading is complete, Sarin asks what in the letter makes Arya think this was a murder? Arya points out that sometimes we look too closely at the details, and don't see the truth. He asks who's letterhead was the note written on? They all lean in and see it was Sarin's name on the page!

Sarin stands up and starts shouting, but Arya holds his gun on him. Tanya comes back into the room with the police where they find an admittedly bad looking scene. The cops force him to put down his gun and handcuff him until they can get this sorted out. Sarin and Tanya make a break for it while the others try to show their IDs. Outside, they UTL their way across the street and into a car. As they pull away, our heroes come running out to see them leaving.

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