We cut to the restricted files room. We see Tanya looking through Mabros' file when Parmar catches her there. There's a few UTLs as he comes over and talks to her, and generally acts suspicious towards her. She ends up leaving while he stays behind and sweats.

We cut to Sam and his entourage pulling over to meet with Arya. Arya tells him that he knows the kind of things Sam's been up to lately, and advises him to cooperate with him. He reveals that he's with the Army, and since Sam's fooling around with government personnel he's on his turf now. Sam tells him that he should worry about "the real enemies" since so many forces are moving against India. Arya just walks off. Thanks, movie. That scene was useless.

We see Sam calling Ansari to broker a deal for the President. Sam wants the $50 million price that was offered to Mabros. Ansari tells him he'll get it, and they set up a meeting.

Sometime later we see Dabral getting into his car. The camera swings over and shows us that Kinjal and Alisha didn't leave the country like they were supposed to. They begin to follow Dabral in their own car. In an odd moment of deja vu, they end up at the little airport again. Dabral meets his sidekick there, who we finally learn is his brother. Dabral chastises him for being so lazy, sitting around drinking beer while there's so much tension going on. His brother tells him to relax and that everything is under control.

The ladies pull up next to their table and get out. Alisha pulls a pistol on them and accuses them of smuggling drugs in her name and murdering Shilpa. As she's talking, the brother moves for a gun on the table. Alisha sees this and makes a very precise shot to his leg. As he is screaming, Kinjal UTLs out of the car and also pulls a gun on them. The brother (never did catch a name) pushes Dabral away from him and grabs for the gun again. Kinjal puts about 5 shots into his chest and he drops.

Kudos to Kinjal here, she's one of the very few people I've seen in these movies that can fire a gun without blinking like a maniac.

They force Dabral to tell them where Sam is, and they look at each other with sort of a weird panicked expression.

We then see Tanya getting into her car. Parmar sits up from the back seat and points a gun at her head. He tells her to drive them to the embassy, where he tells Sarin everything he knows. Sarin is furious and slaps Tanya around a little bit. Sarin asks Parmar what else he knows. Parmar confesses that he did tell Sam Hans about the kidnapping, but didn't do anything that could be considered treason. He tells Sarin that he will do anything to make up for what he's done.

Sarin apparently makes him sit down and write a statement of his deeds, but it's not explained at the time. As he's writing, we see Mabros sneak in through a window and approach them. He whacks Parmar over the head with the stock of his shotgun, then casts an evil smile towards Sarin. The screen goes ominously black.

When we fade back in we see Parmar has been tied to a chair. He wakes up to see he's being held by Mabros, Ms. Olga, and the Polite Terrorist. Tanya steps out from behind Mabros to smirk at Parmar, and then... bum bum bum... Ambassador Sarin walks out too! Oh my goodness! As Parmar makes some upsetting grunting noises and writhes in USM, we get another rarity - Sarin and Tanya kiss! On screen! Not covered up! What? Oh don't worry, that was just the earth moving under your feet.

We see Atul and Arya outside Parmar's place. They are there to interrogate him, but they find the door is open. They go in to find Parmar dead on his bed. They find what he had been forced to write by Sarin - a confession that he sold information to Sam Hans, and an empty bottle of poison. We get one of our most annoying USSes yet as Arya realizes who has the President.

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