Over the next few minutes, Arya makes his way through the hotel and simply kills everyone he sees. One of the rooms he bursts into is the one they're holding Kinjal in. He introduces himself to her, and asks where the President is. Instead of getting an answer, we are treated to the big showpiece for the film, "Mashuqa Rubi."

Couple things about this song. First, it's pretty catchy. Second, it starts with the most... provocative shot I've ever seen in a Bollywood movie. We are inside the inner sanctum of the hotel where Yousan, Mabros, Ms. Olga, and most of the terrorists are having a grand time with a belly dancer. We are introduced to this scene with Ms. Olga sitting completely spread-eagle to the camera, and it's pointing right between her legs. They let Ms. Funky Eye Makeup take it from there.

This scene was the other reason I decided to write about this movie. We've got the belly dancer going nuts in fast-forward (that's interesting, let me tell you), and tons of split screens. What's bad is one of the splits will have the dancing, and all the others have people running around shooting each other. It's kind of hard to decide which scene to pay attention to.

During the song the plot continues. We see that Arya is not the only one in the compound that is trying to find the Pres. Sam Hans shows up and begins clearing out the guards. Somehow he's also the one to get to the President first.

We go back to the party where they're wrapping things up. Yousan hands over the cash to Mabros, and they're getting ready to leave. Suddenly one of Yousan's brothers comes staggering into the room, bleeding heavily from his chest. He tells them that they have been betrayed, and the President is missing. Yousan tells them to put the money down and go find out what happened.

One of Mabros' men starts flipping out and claiming that Yousan is trying to pull a fast one, keeping the money and getting the hostage. Yousan takes a dim view of being called a cheat, so he knifes the guy in the back. This causes all of Mabros' remaining men to pull their guns on Yousan and his guys. Yousan swears they will give them the money when the President is in their custody. Mabros takes his men (and Ms. Olga, thank you very much) to go and look for their missing buddy.

Back to AAA + Kinjal. They're all waiting at a small airport outside a little propeller plane. Kinjal and Alisha are trying to tag along with Arya on his mission to locate the President. He tells them "no dice" and sends them on their way. Alisha to Mumbai, and Kinjal back to "the Harvard's" in America. Their plane takes off and the men head back to the embassy.

Arya makes a dramatic entrance with Ms. Brar and tells them all that he knows one of them is in league with terrorists, but the Pres has offered them one chance to confess to their crimes. He says they have 24 hours to come clean or else he'll name them tomorrow and do things the hard way.

They all break to freak out. Parmar is in the bathroom trying to figure out who it could be. We don't have to wait long though, since we see Tanya Brar place a call to Ansari! Bum bum bum... she tells him everything (in a pair of USSes). Ansari tells Yousan what's going on, and they decide to kill Arya. Of course, there's still the matter of the missing President.

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