Well here I was thinking we were in good shape for approaching the grand finale, but I see we're only an hour and 20 minutes into this thing. Got to stay focused... keep on track... (sigh)

Parmar accepts his assignment. We cut to a scene outdoors where a cell phone begins ringing on a table. Sam's favorite bikini girl answers it and hands it to Sam. In the first of what will become many, many "exciting and/or shocking" plot twists, it's Parmar on the other end. He informs Sam of his assignment and warns that some dirt might be dug up concerning his activities in Switzerland. Sam tells him that he expects Parmar to make sure his name doesn't turn up in this search. Parmar holds out for a nice hefty bribe, which Sam is happy to provide.

We cut to Parmar in the office, looking through the classified documents in his own little UTL. He discovers the file on Mabros, and slips into an USM. Apparently he recognizes him from when he arranged for the President's vacation on the island. Parmar realizes what's happened, and goes to meet with Sam.

At Sam's nightclub, Parmar reveals that someone in the embassy was in on this conspiracy. Sam and Brian share Significant Glances as they realize they are in possession of some very important information. Parmar begs Sam to use his contacts to find a way to fix all this. Parmar also thinks out loud about which terrorist organization hired Mabros to pull this off. Sam thinks for a bit about all the recent dealings he's had, and suggests the ISI might be the guilty party. After some quick scheming Sam thinks this is the perfect way to get back at Ansari for trying to get him killed.

Parmar is horrified to hear that Sam isn't interested in saving him, but is rather quite excited about screwing around with the ISI. Sam tells them all that he's going to do some serious damage as his triumphant theme music begins to play.

Time to get the action rolling. We cut to Arya in his ... well we'll call it a Batcave since that's where all his cool high tech gear is stashed. He tells Atul and Alisha that he's in fact not a reporter. He spills the whole mission to these two that he's an officer in the Army and he's here to save the President. Atul gives him the same "oh my it'll be so dangerous!" speech that he got at the initial briefing, but Arya will not be dissuaded!

Alisha tells him that she's with him all the way. Exactly what she's going to do is a little beyond me though. We see them making an approach to the island in their boat, enhanced of course by several UTLs. Arya hops out and gears up. He tells Atul to wait for him there, and he will be back with the hostages in ten minutes! If he's not back in that time, he's to call HQ and tell them ... something. Oh, and he also tells Atul to take Alisha to safety. If you ask me, she was pretty safe back in the Batcave. Not sure why she came along at all if she's just going to get taken back. (sigh)

This was explained a moment later. She makes a big speech about how she knows how important this mission is, but for her sake, he must come back! There's a romantic swell in the music as she passionately... hugs him. Arya must be new to this since he just stands there while she clings to him.

With the mushy stuff taken care of, he goes right to the killin'. He makes his stealthy way into the compound and starts knifing the guards.


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