We start to see some flirty sparks going between Alisha and Arya as he hands over his camera and heads off to explore the compound. He begins to conduct a "thorough" search of the warehouse. He ignores the table full of drug testing equipment and instead spends a few minutes climbing around on the big piles of crates while waving around a tiny flashlight. After having a quick UTL on top of the crates, he climbs down and starts noisily throwing around some milk crates in another UTL. He finally notices the table of drug stuff and looks surprised as he touches all of it with his bare hands. As he's tasting the drug residue on his fingers (sigh) he has a dual USS flashback to when the Pres was talking about the contents of his salt shaker.

We leave this scene of intrigue to join Alisha and Atul, who are apparently traveling without brains today. They are moseying around taking random pictures when they see Yousan and his posse sitting at a secluded table talking loudly about the drug deal. Alisha comes over and asks them if she can take their pictures, then starts doing so without their permission. Yousan stares at her in utter disbelief, then sends one of his brothers over to take her camera. He does so, and pulls out the film. He then roughly hangs the camera back on Alisha's neck while she calls for Atul. Atul is busy standing in front of a field with his arms sticking out to his sides, and doesn't notice her at first. (sigh) This is the "first class agent" from RAW. Okay.

Atul finally hears Alisha's pleas and comes over to investigate. He starts shoving Yousan's brother and asking what the heck does he think he's doing. The brother calls Atul a "bloody carrot" then grabs him. The other guys at the table join in, with two holding onto Alisha and the rest holding onto Atul.

We break from this excitement to Ansari and his goons celebrating the deal with Brian. Sam Hans comes boldly striding in accompanied by his loud theme music. Sam's a little mad at these guys since they tried to frame him for Shilpa's death. He warns them to strike from the front next time. Sam claims he knows those were fake cops (how?), and the goons tell him that the whole thing was the buyer's idea to eliminate loose ends. Sam thinks they're lying, oh it's all so tense. Brian gets him to calm down and tells him that there's no room for sentiments in business, and he should just let this go. Brian makes them shake hands and Ansari leaves.

Back to Yousan and his group, hustling Alisha and Atul down a path to a secluded area. They force Atul to kneel, and prepare to execute him. However Arya shows up out of nowhere and begins beating everyone up. Yousan takes offense to this and joins in himself, using a fighting technique I've not seen since "Gupt." Ansari sees this happening and comes down to stop the fight. Ansari makes Yousan and his men apologize, but Arya isn't in a forgiving mood. Yousan departs without further incident, and Ansari takes his leave as well. However, as he and his buddies are going Alisha starts to take a closer look at them. In a USS, we see her remembering them from the night she saw them loading Shilpa's body into their trunk. Atul gets his own flashback to some files he saw at RAW HQ about Ansari and his pals.

Atul and Alisha tell Arya everything they know. He starts doing another "I'm figuring everything out all in my head and man is it great!" sequence of flashbacks where we cram as many faces into one screen as we can.

In order to keep things moving, we cut back to the embassy. Tanya brings an urgent fax from New Delhi in to Ambassador Sarin's office. He reads it and looks very upset. He calls Mr. Parmar into the office. Tanya asks him if something is wrong, and he simply nods and says yes. Parmar comes into the room and asks what's up. Sarin tells him that they've been asked to provide records for the entire staff of the embassy as well as any Indian nationals living in the city. This is to be kept secret and done as quickly as possible. Parmar asks why they need to do this, but Sarin tells him that it's a need to know kind of thing. Parmar looks sheepish and apologizes.

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