Asambhav - The Impossible (2004)

Rajiv Rai - Director / Viju Shah - Music

Sameer - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 29 minutes

Own it!

I was browsing around on some of the other Bollywood news sites, and was pleased to read a rather unhappy review of the film I am about to address. Usually a bad review elsewhere means I'll be very entertained by the movie, but perhaps not in the way the producers intended. However, this particular film... man. This movie gives me a headache. In an attempt to make the film stylish and modern, the makers have seen fit to use, excessively, certain special effects and editing choices. Now, I'm all for having a unique style or look to a movie. That's fine. However, we've got split screens in nearly every scene in this movie. We've got time-lapse and slow motion of the same person in the same shot. If you haven't seen a belly dancer in time-lapse, then you haven't really experienced all there is to this art form.

To emphasize the abuse of these techniques, I will make a note each time one is utilized. Here's the key to the abbreviations I'll be using:

"Asambhav" literally means "impossible." I would argue that they left out the words "to watch" at the end of the title. There are about 6 million people in this movie. I've listed the more prominent folks below. I think this is the longest cast list I've ever done.

None of the people in this movie have made appearances elsewhere on my site in any major roles. However, I was very excited to see Mukesh Rishi in this film. He's better known to my readers as the hitman "Anna" from Gupt. Good news though - he doesn't bear quite the striking resemblance to Kramer in this film.

Those of you with sharp eyes will also see the prison warden from Gupt as one of the gangsters later on in the picture.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Captain Aadit Arya (Arjun Rampal) - A member of the special forces squad of the Indian army. Closest thing to James Bond they have.
Alisha (Priyanka Chopra) - A young singer anxious for her big break, used unknowingly as a drug smuggler.
Atul Bhatnagar - Agent for RAW, assigned to help Arya with his mission.
Yousan Baqsh (Mukesh Rishi) - Terrorist that wants to kidnap the President in order to liberate Kashmir.
Ansari (Milind Gunaji) - A Pakinstani general working with Yousan on his plot.
Rafiq Mabros (Shawar Ali) - Leader of an international terrorist group. He's being paid to kidnap the President and deliver him to Yousan.
Ms. Olga - Mabros' girlfriend and a nice little terrorist in her own right.
Sameer Hans (Naseeruddin Shah) - "Call me Sam" is a powerful person. Deals drugs, kills at will, and seems to generally do whatever he wants.
Brian (Tom Alter) - Sam's main business partner.
Dabral (Arif Zakaria) - Music agent and drug smuggler, works with Brian and Sam Hans.
Ambassador Sarin - Well, he's the Ambassador.
Pandit - Staff member at the embassy, constantly spouting poetry.
Parmar - Chief security officer at the embassy.
Tanya Brar - PR director at the Indian embassy.
Shilpa - Alisha's best friend and hairdresser. She's very suspicious of all the happenings and goings-on.
The President of India (Mohan Agashe) - That about says it all. Our film's MacGuffin.
Kinjal (Dippanita Sharma) - The President's daughter. Surprisingly good with a pistol.

When the tagline for the movie you are about to see is "What happens when the President is kidnapped and nobody knows?" you should already have a good idea about the quality of the upcoming film. In this instance, my instincts were dead on.

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