Anjaam (1994)

Rahul Rawail - Director / Anand-Milind - Music

Sameer - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 42 minutes

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We often hear films being described as "a triumph of the human spirit," or perhaps "a heartwarming tale of humanity," or even "a tale where love conquers all." Well let me tell you something about Anjaam ("final result"). This movie hates people. It hates the people in it, and it hates the people watching it. This is a tough one folks, tried and true. Instead of a triumph of the human spirit, this movie takes the human spirit, steps on its toes with a steel-toed boot, then gives it a wedgie. If that's not graphic enough for you, stick around. It's going to get worse. For the squeamish or the young, I'd suggest skipping this article and holding out for the next one.

I took on this project as a challenge. When I did Baazigar, quite a few of you wrote in mentioning today's subject. "If you think SRK was mean in that movie, wait until you see this one." Well I did, and you were right. SRK's a huge jerk in this movie, and I hated his character. That means he did a good job. I hated Nana Patekar in Agni Sakshi, and I'm convinced that he's a good actor because of that.

Once again our good friend Mark comes through with the DVD for this one, so you may thank him or curse him when we're done. I'll leave that up to you! What we have here folks is one of the meanest Shah Rukh Khan villains to date. At least in Baazigar, he had an ailing mother that we could somehow rationalize his behavior with. "He's doing all this for his mom," we say. "That's why it's not as bad as it seems." Well, we don't have that to fall back on here. In Anjaam, he's just evil. Oh, and rich. Evil and rich. That means he gets away with just about anything.

For some reason the screen captures from this one are just a little blurry. I'll see what I can do about that, but please accept my apologies for their muddiness. Not sure what's going on there.

There are a few repeat performers in today's article, so let's see who we've got.

First up is the aforementioned Shah Rukh Khan. We've seen him a few times already, in such films as Baazigar, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (short), Karan Arjun, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (short), Main Hoon Na (short), and Ram Jaane. I think I'll take an SRK break after this one. He's a busy guy, and as I've mentioned before he's usually the hero or a romantic lead. Odd that I've got three of his movies in full sized articles where he isn't either of those. I won't analyze that too much, and just move along.

Next up is the lovely Madhuri Dixit, seen previously at Army of Monkeys in 100 Days, Khal Nayak, and Lajja (short). She's always enjoyable, and one heck of a dancer. In today's subject, we get to see all of the things we've always enjoyed from her, as well as her ability to tear chunks of people's arms out with her teeth. Just wait, all in due time.

Finally, we have the irrepressible Johnny Lever. He's been with us through Baazigar, Jaani Dushman, Karan Arjun, Andaaz, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (short). Mercifully his role in Anjaam is relatively small but it is infinitely more disturbing, seeing as how he's in a dress the entire time he's on screen. Some things, I just didn't need to see.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Vijay Agnihotri (Shah Rukh Khan) - A rich, spoiled, evil man who will stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wants. Despite getting his way, he's often miserable. I hate him.
Shivani Chopra (Madhuri Dixit) - She starts off as an airline hostess, then moves on to be a volunteer in a hospital for disabled people. Life becomes quite miserable soon afterwards.
Ashok Chopra (Deepak Tijori) - An airline pilot and husband to Shivani. His life becomes quite miserable soon afterwards.
Didi - Shivani's sister. She is ailing from something that she needs medicine and an operation for. Her money grubbing booze-hound husband won't pay for them until he wins a big horse race. She's miserable most of the time.
Mohanlal (Tinnu Anand) - A compulsive gambler and alcoholic, and unfortunately Shivani's brother-in-law. His life is pretty miserable as it is, but then it gets worse.
Mrs. Padma Agnihotri - Vijay's mother. She helps him run his business empire, and is the more level-headed one. Surprisingly low levels of misery in her life, despite being in this movie. She gets off lightly.
Inspector Arjun Singh (Kiran Kumar) - A crooked cop on Vijay's payroll. He goes to great lengths to help out, as long as he is repaid. He makes life miserable for everyone else.
Champa (Johnny Lever) - Yes that's right. Johnny Lever in a sari, playing a transvestite. My life came to a crashing halt at exactly 59 minutes and 13 seconds into this movie. He makes my life miserable.
Nisha - A prisoner who befriends Shivani when she needs an ally the most. Life becomes quite miserable soon afterwards.
Pinky - The daughter of Ashok and Shivani. Aggressively cute. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but she has a miserable life too. Seriously.

Let me apologize in advance for what you are about to be subjected to. This is your last chance to close the browser before the horror begins.

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