Andaaz (2003)

Raj Kanwar - Director / Nadeem Shravan - Music

Sameer - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 26 minutes

Own it!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a first here at Army of Monkeys. The subject of this recap is my first ever reader request! I am also happy to announce that luckily enough this turned out to be a pretty good movie. If you have ever wanted to see Top Gun: The Musical this is the closest thing to it. There are also a few moments of unintentional comedy due to a pretty direct "borrowing" of a moment from Forest Gump, of all things.

One of my readers became a fan of Ms. Priyanka Chopra in my recap of Asambhav: The Impossible and noticed that she was one of the stars in this movie. We also learned that she was in fact, Ms. World 2000.

If that weren't enough, her co-star happens to be Ms. Lara Dutta, Ms. Universe 2000. She was previously seen on this site as the performer of "Kaisa Jadoo" in the film Khakee.

Another repeat performer on hand is the ever popular Akshay Kumar, star of Khakee and Jaani Dushman. He does get some Atul Moments, but nothing quite as overt this time.

Last but not least (sigh) Johnny Lever is back for another appearance. However, I will be the first one to admit I am wrong about something. I usually find Mr. Lever to be a bit grating on the nerves, but this time out he actually made me laugh. Good job, Johnny. Also, this man ages very well. He looks virtually identical in this movie as he did in just the previous recap, Karan Arjun despite it being made nine years prior to this one.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) - An Air Force officer and childhood friend of ...
Kajal (Lara Dutta) - Starts off as a tough tomboy, but somewhere in the middle becomes Raj's sweetie-pie.
Jiya (Priyanka Chopra) - Wild and carefree young lady that does not give up easily when it comes to getting the man she wants.
Karan Singhaniya (Aman Verma) - The World's Nicest Man, pilot and ... well the rest would be a spoiler this early on.
G. I. Joe (Johnny Lever) - Yes, that's what they really call him. He's an employee of the Malhotra family. His real name is Girdhar Inder Jaunpurwala, so I guess the nickname is a little easier.
Young Raj - They're getting mentions due to they were pretty good child actors.
Young Kajal - See above!
Monty - Our jerk for the movie.

After about the halfway point, we'll be seeing a lot of "Damn" comments. Just a heads-up.

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